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We are Jackson Hole’s original high canopy experts and specialize in technical trimming and removal operations. Our trained spray and fertilizing technicians ensure your trees remain healthy and vigorous.

We offer a full range of tree care services including:

  • Tree Removal
  • High Canopy Trimming and View Enhancement
  • Spraying for Disease and Pest Problems
  • Deep Root Fertilizing
  • Fine Pruning
  • Shrub Shaping and Maintenance
  • Tree Hazard Reduction
  • Wildfire Mitigation
  • Problem Diagnosis and Soil Testing
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Stump Grinding

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Snake River Tree and Shrub is a locally owned and operated company offering high quality tree care at an affordable price to customers throughout Jackson Hole and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced tree professionals can take on any job with an unmatched level of skill and dedication to the highest standards of customer service.

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Please spray our spruce trees this spring! I appreciate your service so add ours to your service!
Margaret, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
"Please spray our trees again this year... Thank you for taking great care of our evergreens!"
Sabine, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Some Tree & Shrub Tips

It can be a tough life for trees and shrubs in Jackson Hole. Below are a few tips to help keep your landscaping as healthy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healthy tree?

A tree that is free of disease and pests and has a strong ability to resist stress is a healthy tree. Tree appearance and structural integrity are also important for the aesthetic quality as well as the preservation and safety of the tree.

When is the best time to fertilize my trees?

Spring and fall are the ideal times to fertilize landscape trees. Newly planted or transplanted trees should be fertilized as soon as possible after planting and possibly again within the same growth season. Any sick or diseased tree would benefit from additional fertilization at any time of year.

Should I prune my own trees?

Pruning your own trees can be very enjoyable and rewarding. However knowledge of proper pruning technique is critical. Pruning cuts must be made with a knowledge of how the tree will respond as, improper pruning can cause damage that will remain for the life of the tree. Of course, all high canopy pruning should be done by professionals.

How do I protect my newly planted trees?

Trees new to a landscape are immediately under stress. They require a large adjustment to the new light, wind, soil, and other conditions of their new home. Many trees lose roots or suffer other damage in the transplanting process. Typically, the first three or four years, depending on the size of the tree, are the most critical. A few guidelines will ensure the success of your tree in adjusting to its new home: pruning should be very limited in the first few years. An adequate watering schedule must be in place immediately. Fertilization should be conducted as soon as possible after planting. Fencing or other protection against animal or other mechanical damage should be erected around the tree.

What is the sticky residue falling from my aspen and cottonwood trees?

Aphids, a common pest in deciduous trees in Jackson Hole, produce a byproduct called honeydew that commonly drips on surfaces underneath these trees including decks, driveways, and cars. This sticky residue is not a product of the tree itself, but of the aphids infesting the leaves. Preventative spraying of these trees can eliminate the pests as well as the residue they produce.

When is the best time to have my trees pruned?

The ideal timing of pruning depends very much on the type of tree and the desired pruning goal. Most routine pruning and removal of weak, dead, or diseased branches can be done at any time. Pruning can also be strategically timed for purposes such as increasing flower production, reducing tree size, or encouraging a specific growth shape or pattern.

At Work...

Project: Technical Removal of Dead Tree
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 2013

As Jackson Hole’s premier high canopy tree care experts, Snake River Tree and Shrub performed a technical removal of a 150 year old Douglas Fir tree that had died in Teton Village. Our high canopy experts worked with a crane to remove this dead tree in pieces without harming the nearby homes, landscapes, or driveways.

Douglas firs are the some of the largest trees growing in Jackson Hole. In particular, we care for many of these enormous trees that grow very close to homes and other structures in Jackson Hole.

Our tree service in Jackson Hole specializes in technical pruning and tree removal. We are trusted professionals who can ensure that any tree care job can be done safely and efficiently.